J Cosmo Newbery

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This should be the end.

Hello Kaye,

Do you think that we are in the cooler that we do not listen to news.

For your information,the purported cosmo you sent was aired in CNN yesterday somewhere in the US,but if you wish to be a victim like that man,so be it to you.

Eat your ears,it's meant for you alone,for your information,the bizare story did not in anyway shock me because i kno that this was mere trash.

Finally,do not send me more mails regarding the assumed death as i would not wish to hear again as we do not toy/play with death.

"Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp rasor, working deceitfully." Psalms 52:2

Dear Mrs Esther,

This will be the last letter but I had to correct you on one thing:

J Cosmo Newbery (note, his name is NEWBERY, not COSMO) will not have been on CNN yesterday.

You see, he died in 1895.

But he is as real and as tangible as all the pots of gold in the 419 scams.

Thank you for a most interesting correspondence.
It is by far the longest one on my website.

Oh, that's right, I meant to tell you: the readers have been voting on whether they think you knew about the 'joke'.

So far, none of them believe you.

Life's cruel, eh?

We started this correspondence with a flurry of biblical quotes.
It is only fitting that we end with one.

The Book of Psalms. Chapter 52. Verse 2. King James Version, please.

It applies equally to both you and me.

Kaye Serrah.

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