J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther ignores Mr Newbery's most improper talk and pushed for the money.

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Thank you for your mail and the contents therein.

The most important thing for me at this point in time is to see that this transaction is done very soon so that you give me my commission.I am realising that the way my life can change is through my personal effort and Mercy of God.

Today,buyer sent for me and when i reached their office,sincerely informing you,they are still highly worried as to why you have not send them th sample for their laboratory confirmation by their chemists.Secondly,they reiterated that they requested you to give them your phone/fax numbers so that they can prepare and send to you a working aggreement for your perusal.That till today that you have not even cared to reply them or give them the informtion.

Kindly as a matter of urgency expedite action in this regard and do not continue to give them room for suspicion as they said that what i told them about you is not what they are experiencing.

Also,they poited out that they so need the vaccine now because they suspect an outbreak of epidemic in their farm in Chad.

Please,do not let me down.


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