J Cosmo Newbery

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Satin or Saturnalia?

My Dear Mrs Esther,

You malign me most grievously! I am a kind and fair man. But I do like to be present when my natural generosity and largesse is unleashed so I may see the delight in the face of the recipient. Is this a bad thing?

And you surprise me - a woman who doesn't like satin! Almost unheard of. There is a special something about satin, is there not? No matter how hot the weather, it feels cool. Can't you just imagine its cool, slinky feel against your warm, trembling thighs? The delicious shiver as it slides over your firm breasts, nipples erect in sensuous anticipation? The feel of a man's hand through it as it lubricates his explorations of the pleasurable spots of your body...

But then if all you want is to conclude the transaction, then I can do that to.

But so very dull.

Would you prefer red or black?


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