J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther declines the satin.

Mr Cosmo,

I do not mean that you should not come to Ghana.What i meant is this,pay the producer for the samples and advice him to send them to you in aust so as to come down with it.

I do not need satin (anything) from you.My reason is based on the fact that i have come to realise that you are too rich,but refused to help me and my children,rather you like to joke over my predicaments and make jest of me,otherwise,you wouldn,t be talking to me in that manner. (How can you say such a cruel thing?)

The only thing i am looking forward from you is the successful conclusion of this transaction with you so as my commssion be giving me for a better life starting in the near future.

In the alternative,if you do not believe and have confidence in me,kindly let me know than all this delays.

Resend the said mail to buyer.


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