J Cosmo Newbery

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In an email entitled NOT BEST OPTION, Mrs Esther tries to set J Cosmo straight:

Dear Mr Cosmo,

How can you bother yourself with payment when buyer will do that,which will be by Telegraphic Transfer.

The most important you should have done at this point in time is to pay the sample money to Pharmatec and persuade him to produce the samples quickly.

Then,you instruct him to send it to you for onward reshipment to buyer.This will save time and money,yes,it will save time and money because,the money you will spend for airtickets and hotel will be saved.In this way,you can only think of the money down here only.

Therefore,i adcice and wish that you should pay Pharmatec immediately for them to send you the sample than taking the risk of saying you were travelling with $240,000 cash.This is not the best decission or option from your side.If for sure you want to do this transaction,you should without delay pay for the samples as buyer is pestering me on our ability to supply and sincerity of purpose.

Pay immediately for us to proceed.Do not take the risk of saying you want to travel with $240,000.

Hope to hear from you.


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