J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther shows amazing persistence.
This is a woman who never gives up!

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Thank you for your mail and information therein.

Have you concluded all arrangement with the producer so that everything will move on to our benefit.

There are many restaurants,both local and continental,it depends the one you may wish.We have chinese,italian restaurants etc.

I will be delighted to be with you from the first night every where you may wish to go till you conclude the transaction.

However my dear Cosmo,i must be frank with you,and that is,i would not like you to meet me here haggardly,or expect me to accompany you to public places without at least looking fairly cute. (Well, maybe cute. You come across a tad severe in your photo...)

Therefore,as a matter of necessity and fact,herein,i will like you to send me some money so that i will brush up myself,you know very well as i do that this is a reality that i am saying. (Bravo! A great come back!)

Do not ask me how much i will need for this purpose,if you like my proposal,just send to me with that my brother's name any amount convinient to you,SIMPLE!!.

God's willing,we shall have cool relationship when you come and this will afford us the opportunity of discussing other important issues. (A cool relationship?)

Looking forward to seeing you then.

My children were very happy when i informed them that you will soon be with us in ghana.

Hope to hear from you immediately.


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