J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther and her kids look forward to meeting Mr Cosmo:

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Yesterday,i went to the farms and Mr Ken opong suggested that we should hasten up issues so that we can commence the production for supply.He said that there's a disease outbreak in one of their farms which make them seriously in need of this vaccine.

So in view of the urgent need,i am advicing you to do everything possible and within your reach to finalise issues regarding this so that we can proceed with the supply.

As you are well aware,all my future plans lies on the commission i will derive from this transaction.

My children greets you and are anxious to see you as i did tell them that you are making plans of coming soon.

Have a nice time!!


The letter to the farm, announcing my intention to visit, bounces:

My last letter to the farm was returned as 'undeliverable'.

Do you have news? Is the farm in trouble?


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