J Cosmo Newbery

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And poor Mrs Esther and her kids feel left out:

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Good day to you sir,and may i hope that you have fully recovered.

My dear,how did we offend you that you are treating me like this,despite all your promises of assistance.

Why have you kept so silent to the extent that you have not even let me know how far you have with our transaction.

However,as i have explained almost everything to you concerning my status and predicaments,if not for my very sake,why not for the sake of these 2 kids God gave me try your best so that this transaction would be effected soon.This will afford me a better opportunity of starting a new life with the commission you will give me.

Honestly,i am suffering in the hands of my boss.Two days back he insulted me to the extent that he referred to my late husband,simply because i went to ork less than hour behind becasu my daughter has fever and i was trying then to gice her medication which resulted to my reporting to work somehow late.Still,he has not pay me for months,My dear i am suffering in silence. (Could you do it quietly?)

Hope to hear from you soon to enable me know whether to quit that work and do some other thing with my life than to do in that pepertual pugatory. (Huh?)

Bye for now,

J Cosmo seems indifferent to her plight:

My Dear Mrs Esther,

I am trying to complete the transaction but the factory is being intractable.

I am hoping to collect a sample batch of vaccine and deliver it personally to the farm where I will be able to watch the trails first hand.

I will let you now how I am proceeding.

My love to you and your children, (Heartless brute, I bet he doesn't mean it.)


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