J Cosmo Newbery

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You bet they are still interested!

Dear Mr Cosmos,

Your mail is not totally late as buyer is still in need of the vaccine and is as well awaiting for my foreign,which of course you will assume to be.

Also i appreciated your acceptance and preparedness to work with me in this vaccine supply.

In order to get started,may i give you all vital steps to get moving.The name of this special but highly valued medicine is EPT-FORTE cow medicine. As I wrote to you in my first message,my boss has been supplying this to the Meripul Farms until recently when I intercepted the order of supply from Alhaji Abubakar because of his calousity to me.

Alhaji usually pays my boss after full supply. However now that I am introducing him to the real producer (which you will assume to be), we have an agreement that Alhaji will pay up front 50% of the supply cost before delivery and the remaining 50% on receiving the airway bill of the goods.

This vaccine is used in Dwarf Adama and Red Bororo cattle species of West african origin,and is specially made for farmers in this region.It is important to let you know that this special vaccine has no patent elsewhere,except with pharmatec of spain.Therefore,it is advisable you contact them directly to avoid making mistake in the production with a different producer.

Below are the steps we will take to successfully actualize the supply:

Step 1: You will contact Buyer and introduce yourself as my foreign partner and inform him of your capability to supply him with the medicine at $US4,100 per carton.

Step 2:You will contact the company and make an order for the quantity required by Alhaji. This is important because they only produce this medicine on request. The price of each carton is $2,000 from the producer in spain,take note of this!!!.

Step 3: Buyer on accepting your offer will raise a purchase order for you.

Step 4: When order is placed and advance released upon convincing buyer that you are capable to supply him the vaccine, from the advance payment you settle producer to commence production of the vaccine for us. thereafter,you obtain from the producing company and the bill of ladding and tender same to buyer for our full payment.

Step 5:You will send the airway bill to Meripul Farms and you will be immediately be paid the balance 50%.

Step 6:The difference after paying the manufacturing company will be our Profit. You will then proceed to pay into my own account 15% of the net gain. I hope this is acceptable to you, as I will appreciate if you will confirm it to me . The transaction is hence deem concluded.

Furthermore,these are the contacts of both producer and buyer.Contact producer and inform him that you will be needing a production of 400 cartons of this vaccine with packing arrangement of 500ml x 4 bottles in a carton.


Below is that of the buyer.Similarly,contact buyer and inform him that you can supply to him whatever quantity of this vaccine he wishes to buy.

TEL: 00233-24-621738

I look forward to your urgent response as it requires urgent attention and action. So,contact them immediately to establish with them business relationship.

Best regards
Thanks and best regards,

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