J Cosmo Newbery

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And here comes the sting:

Attn: Mr.J Cosmo Newbery.

Dear sir,

In response to your mail and subsequent request therein which is in order as it is the right of every customer to request for samples and we appreciate your preference for our product and the desire of having a cordial and continous business relationship with us based on the rudiments of the agreement between both parties.

It has never been the wish and procedure of the company to ask for payment on samples but past experiences warranted this policy as previously free samples were delivered to our clients at their request but this priviledge was grossly abused by some clients ( with the clandestine intention of adulteration) which resulted in a huge financial loss to the company but most painfully in credibility aspect. (You are wise to be prudent, Dr Blore. There are rogues out there...)

Consequently, your request for a sample of our product for testing purpose is no longer in line with the policy and regulations of the company because of the afforementioned predicaments coupled with the cost intensive nature of the product, therefore the minimum quantity of our product supplied to clients is twelve (12) cartons at the same rate of $2,000 amounting to a total of $24,000 USD of which payment is made to the company before delivery. (A long, low whistling sound is heard...)

We undertake and guarantee full refund of your payment in the advent of non-conformity to stipulated specifications bearing in mind that the compositions is solely our responsibility and we owe it as an obligation to our clients in guaranteeing the durability and effectivity of our product. (I should bloody well hope so!)

Therefore, on your readiness in complying with our procedure, our bank account details shall be made available to you and on reciept / confirmation of the payment,the requested samples will be delivered to your designated address.

We sincerely appeal for your understanding and cooperation to this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Robert Blore.

Now we know I am not going to pay the money but he doesn't. I play a dead bat:

Dear Dr Blore,

Your email is received and well understood.

Please advise me of your banking details.


J Cosmo Newbery.

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