J Cosmo Newbery

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Meanwhile Mrs Esther is not a happy little camper...

Dear Mr Cosmo,

As a devoted christain,it is important i let you know that i do not bear grudges.

What you are doing to me is best known to you,i did not give you money to keep for me,neither did my late husband.

You admitted and promised to assist me,so thank you for everything.


It never hurts to misinterpret someone when they are miffed:

My Dear Mrs Esther,

You are a good Christian woman. I do not know how I can repay you for being so forgiving of a wretch like me. You will most certainly go to heaven.

Thank you so much for being so understanding.

The vaccine negotiations proceed slowly. The farm wants me to send a sample of the vaccine for them to test. I am trying to organise this.

I will keep you posted.

God bless you, Mrs Esther!

Yours in gratitude,

Cosmo Newbery.

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