J Cosmo Newbery

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J Cosmo forwards the vaccine composition:

Dear Sir,

The composition of the vaccine is stated as:

75mg----------- Betacarotene.

125mg--------- Biotin acetyaslicylate.

100mg--------- Magnessium Hydroxide, natural H20.

400mg--------- Penicillin antioxidant excipients.

2.6mg---------- Rifamycin ( INN) sodium-- corresponding to 1.5million IU Rifamycin soluble.

15mg----------- Sulphamethoxazole.

I would prefer to have this confirmed by an accredited laboratory.

As the supplier I think that this is my responsibility. Don't you agree?

Yours sincerely,

J Cosmo Newbery.

J. Cosmo Newbery, CEO, br>El Falether Ferret Agistment

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