J Cosmo Newbery

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JCN means well but a public holiday intervenes...

My Dear Mrs Esther,

I am slowly building my strength. The Princess is still here, plying me with chicken soup and sweet weak tea.

I was most distressed to hear that your jewellery was to be sold. This is bad enough as it must have many memories of your late husband, but then to have it stolen! You must let me buy you some more. Do you prefer gold or platinum? And what are your favourite gemstones? I suspect emeralds would suit your skin tone. Do let me know.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here: Bringacanalong, an ancient festival commemorating the mateship of this great country and usually celebrated by standing down wind of the ceremonial incineration of sacrificial meat.

Consequently all businesses are shut.

I will do something about the dear children's schooling on Friday. I promise you that the money will be sent, come hell or high water.

You cannot believe how badly I feel about having let you down so much, so often. I have the photos of your two darling children beside my bed, along with the photo of my dear wife. God rest her anguished soul.

I am still in negotiations with the vaccine supplier. I was not happy with some items in his contract of sale and he is redoing it. I am hoping he will fax the new version tonight.

I trust this news is all to your satisfaction.

Yours most sincerely,


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