J Cosmo Newbery

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Hard times for Mrs Esther.

My Dear Mr Cosmo,

Delighted that to hear that you nearly okay now.

May glory ,honor and adoration be God's who has made it possible for you to get healed.

Regarding my children's school fees,i must tell you that your sickness made the situation worse to date as all hope was focused on you.Till now,i have not settled it.

I said that your promise and sickness(according to Princess)worsened the situation.When i could not heard from you in respect to that,i took all my jewelries bought to me by late husband to somebody who would buy it.The assumed buyer said that i should come few hours later to collect the money.Do you know what happens,when i got back to the place,neither the purported buyer nor the middleman who introduced him to me could be seen.They both absconded with my jewelries.

I have reported the case to our police authority and they are looking for them.

Therefore,The fees have not been paid.In fact,why the kids are left by the school authorities was because i printed the mail from princess and show to them that you were sick.

So,if actually you want to assist us ,kindly send the money so that i will have a relief somehow.

Furthermore,on our business,buyer asked me 2 days ago why you have not given them the leaflet of the vaccine.I also told them that you are sick.

Herein,i will like you to contact buyer,simply ask him to give you the leaflet of the vaccine,which is otherwise known as COMPOSITION.

Finally my dear Cosmo,i will like you to in a clear language tell me your mind/decision regarding assisting us offset the school fess and your ultimate intention regarding this vaccine supply which i am too sure will be of paramount interest to both of us at last.

My Children extends their heart felt gratitude that you are okay now and their felicitation.

Expecting to hear from you again in detail.

Thanks and Remain bless,

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