J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs E. says Cosmo's accident is most unfortunate.

Dear Princess,

Thank you for your information about Mr Newbery.

Pricess,extend our sincere and heart felt sympathy,but it's quite unfortunate!!.


Princess Tikka replies that he should be out on Tuesday and hints as his philanthropic nature.

My Goodly Mrs Esther,

I was being with Mr Newbery this afternoon whereby I was mopping his brow, feeding to him grapes without peels and ensuring that his bed pan was warmed to the most correct degree.

He was being most bravely tolerant of his misfortunes.

All his vital signs are being directed towards convincing the men with the clipping boards that he will be set free from his greenish prison on Tuesday.

I will be keeping you tethered to the post until then.

It is a irony of some largely great proportions that the wings of the hospital that are currently administering love, largess and lomatil to the prostrate Mr Newbery bear his very own name!! Is that not a jocular thing? He is being an inmate of the very same hospital that he paid to become a building.

Bless you and your children, Mrs Esther.

Yours most serenely,

Tikka Masala.

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