J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs E. is a great one for pushing things along. An impatient sort of number. I'm tempted to ask if her husband crashed the plane intentionally.


Good evening to you.

I may i hope that you have slept off the trauma caused to you by the flying pig.

Further to our problem,sir kindly pardon our worries to you in this regard.Please,do not look at it as though that we are disturbing you.

There is one thing i want to remind you,and that is that i would like to go and clear the fees first before going to work.In view of this, i plead with you that if possible with you that you should try your ability to send it on time.

Give me all the transfer details by mail,or scan the slip as well to me.

You have not updated me recently about the position of our vaccine supply.

Till i hear from you,it's me,


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