J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs E. is shocked!

My Dear Mr Cosmo,

The news as contained in your mail was shocking.

However,i thanked God that you were not hurt by the flying pig.To God be the glory!!.

As our normal daily morning activity which is to pray every 6am,do you know when we were putting you in our prayer this morning,the bible portion that we read on your behalf was Psalms 121 vs 5-7.We fervently prayed God to always guide you wherever you may go or be coming from.

Surely,God has really demostrated whom He is in this perspective.

However,in regard to the school fees,try to send it tomorrow.My kids were seriously warned to bring the fees tomorrow.The most antagonising aspect of it was that my children said that the school authorities scolded at them saying that i lied that their uncle would send the money yesterday and uptil today that nothing has happened.They were seriously warned to come to school with it.Therefore,try your best tomorrow,if it means going to another western union office.kindly,for the sake of the children and our future relationship,see what to do!!

Regarding the recipe,we have many types of food.I do not know the one you may like the recipe being sent to you.

EG,we have the soup we call LIGHT SOUP.It's being prepared with smoked/fresh fish and With chicken also.we use it to eat pounded yam or white rice.

we have another being prepared with grinded ground-nut.

we have the one being prepared with palm fruits.

There is this food we referred to as OMU-TUO.this is being prepared from boiled rice and pounded properly.

we have another prepared with ripe/unripe boiled plantain and mannihot spp(red cassava specie),and pounded together.

I will send the full recipe to you soon so that you can try it yourself.Which of them would you like?

Expecting to hear from you as promised.


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