J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs E. is not happy.

MY Dear mr Cosmo,

You didn,t send me the money again for the school fees of my children,Why?.

I will be able to answer you proper when i have this problem solved.

If you are not going to assist me,kindly let me know immediately to see how best to approach this issue that is disturbing.You know very well as i do that it's for their sake that i am undergoing all these.


Well, things are busy at the moment so I have a lack of time to be original.

I wheel out the flying pig article for another airing...

(I can see the headline: Flying pig stops man bringing home the bacon.)

My Dear Mrs Esther,

How do I tell you this? Today has been like living out a nightmare!

I went to Western Union as soon as it opened this morning and was standing in line waiting my turn at the counter. There was a very nice Indian lady (a Princess, she said!) in front of me and we were talking about cooking and recipes. I told her I was being sent a recipe from Ghana and she said I must give her a copy of it when it comes.

She was just writing here address on the back of a Western Union pay slip when there was the most awful crash and a scream and the woman standing in front of the Indian lady was hit by a flying pig!

I know you will not believe this so I have attached a newspaper clipping about it. It is most amazing.

It totally ruined my plans for the day. The Western Union office was shut immediately. Apart from the poor lady who was killed by the force of the impact of the pig, we all had minor cuts and scratches and received first aid at the scene. The Indian lady started having hysterics and was sedated and taken off to hospital. The police and the Coroner's investigators where questioning us for what seemed like hours.

I know this is not consolation to you and your two darling children but please understand that it is not what I had planned for the day either.

I will go tomorrow and try again to send you the money. God willing.

Yours exhausted,


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