J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs E. is happy, joyous even, but seems to have the wrong idea about recipes.

My Dear mr cosmo,

My joy knew no bounds on receiving your mail and hearing the news that you were successful in the additional land acquisition.May glory and honor be our Lords who made it possible for you to succeed.

i will take proper care to find the real recipe of ghana origin that will not spoil before it arrives to you there.I will find out from dhl courier soon and advice you accordingly.

But if otherwise,when we meet,i will enough time and will be privileged enough to prepare for you a well delicious food.

Furthermore,on the school fees,kindly try as you promised to do it tomorrow.

Use my brothers particulars to do it and give me all relevant transfer infos by mail.

Finally,your words are consoling me once again and i am trying to feel the proud of being a woman,though we are not together.

My extended your warm felicitation to my children and they accorded their loyalty too.

Also,how far have gone negotiating with buyer on the vaccine supply.Update me as well.

Thanks and God bless you


Not wanting to get a bag of soup in the mail, I take evasive action:

Good Morning Mrs Esther!

I just read your email and I most say my appreciation for you grows every day. You are truly a remarkable woman. I do not mean any disrespect for your dear departed husband, but have you ever considered re-marriage?

With regard to the recipe: I had to laugh when I read your letter. I am sorry but it is all just a misunderstanding...

Please do not send me the actual food, just the words of the recipe of how to make it so that I can make it over here and think of you when I eat it!

Warmest regards,


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