J Cosmo Newbery

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J Cosmo isn't due back in town until tomorrow but Mrs E. keeps writing. A joint memorial to the respective spouses is proposed.

My Dear Cosmo,

I extend this greeting to you with Romans 10 v 10.

God's promises to His children are certain.

Furtehr to your instruction that i should meet the school authorities of my kids to kindly allow them be in class till next day when you will send the money for their school fees.

Be informed that i just returned from the school.I met with the principal and explained the situation to him as you directed.Happy to inform you that he allowed my kids to be in their respective classes as i told him that their uncle would send the money for the fees next day(tomorrow),wednesday 18/09/2002.I further made the appeal of erecting a building block and name it after my late husband.Frankly speaking,he was very happy in this regard, (What did I tell you?) though he said that he will present it to the Parents Teachers Association(PTA) when the school will close for the session.However,he assured that our request will be granted as they are trying to arrange to build a similar project.

Herein, i have a contribution/suggestion to make.I am suggesting that ,since both of us have lost our partners who were very precious and dear to us,we must name the building block when the time finally comes with their names,This is only a suuggestion i am making!!.

Besides,since you have whole heartedly accepted to share or shoulder this responsibility,you have exactly to me demonstrated what the scriptures say in Romans 12 vs 13-16.My prayer is that may you always find favor in the sight of God and remain bless!!.

Least i forget,how was the transaction of the land fared?i hope that it went well to your favor and satisfaction.If so,glory,honor and adoration be God's for making it materialise to your favor.

Importantly as well,may i also plead with you to kindly send the money tomorrow as you promised which i have already informed the school authorities.Once again,this is my brother's name with which to send the money.



Counting on your assistance in this regard,believing that you won't let disappoint us.

My kids extend their felicitation to you when i was leaving them at school,moreover,they were very delighted when i told them that you will send their school fees tomorrow.Can you guess the most funny aspect of it,THEY ASKED ME ,WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE OUR UNCLE?SO,THE ANSWER IS LEFT FOR YOU TO ANSWER!!! (Ummmm...)

Expecting to hear the general position of things with you.


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