J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther wastes no time coming back to me. Sadly I have already left for the Northern Territory.

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Thank you so far for your concern.

Please,if there is a way by which you can spare some minutes to go to western union office tomorrow,kindly do so.

The major thing is that they will start their promotional exams may be,this week, (Fair bite of the pineapple doughnut! What sort of exams are kids that age going to do?) this is where i have much concern because ,if they don't sit and write their exams,all effort so far this academic year will be in vain.

Desirey,the boy will be 7,while Lynda will be 6.

The school authority may like naming a lab after my late husband,though not too sure as the school is being own by a german(expatriate). (Money, Mrs Esther! People do funny things if they think there is some money in it! But you knew that, didn't you?)

Dear,i wish that the supply is concluded soon so that i will resign my appointment with my boss.I have suffered a lot.If i can small amount to sustain myself till the conclusion of the supply,honestly speaking,i will stop the work.I trust that God will show me the way through.God said that we should call upon him,that He will answer so that we can glorify Him.Yes,i have called upon Him and i know He is going to answer me so that i will glory Him.This is a scripture,Psalms 50:15 ref.

Expecting to hear from you again.

thanks and best rgds,

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