J Cosmo Newbery

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The sting comes! (I never doubted it would but full marks for a novel approach!) J Cosmo becomes an honorary Uncle and Mrs Esther says that he looks cute!

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Thanks for your compliment of our pictures,and good day to you sir.May i hope that this mail of mine meets you again in good and perfect health condition.

Before proceeding further,Accept my sincere sympathy on the sudden passing-away of mrs Newbery.You know as i do,that it's really always painful for one to miss a loved companion .However,Take solace in God as He knows why.

My husband died in a crash 1997.

The name of my male child is DESIREY EMY,AND THE FEMALE IS LYNDA.

Their bisthdays will be this month end and next month.

Regarding what gives me enjoyment as a widow is reading the bible and listening to its teachings.Staying with my kids and doing domestics affairs.I also like watching soccer.

I terribly miss my loved late husband.Most atimes,my kids would ask me the whereabout of their father,and each time they ask me about him,that moment becomes my worst time.They miss him too.

Your comment to my boss is not harsh with ps.58.The bible already put it that there is no peace for the wicked,my boss is very wicked and i can not do him anything except to leave vengence to God as it's being stated in psalms 35.

When i read mathew chapter 5,i commit everything to the hands of God.As a human being,i am only mostly concerned about the last day,which is the judgement day,this is why i also pray God to make me able to do the things that will bring glory to his name thereby making me righteous.Ps.37:29 made it categorically clear.

Dear Brother,in fact you are God sent.i am moved to believe this because,as christains,we know that God works through His appointed agents.Think of how He sent Elijah to Zarephath and the episode thereat and how the widow and her son were saved from the ravaging famine/drought in the land.

Surely,i think our companion will be ordained by God.In this directive,we have to pray for God's guidance and understanding.

Furthermore,it looks as if we share some similarities,like cooking.this is one demostic thing that makes me busy and happy every day.I like preparing our native food called BANKU.It's very delicious.when you have the chance of visiting me,you may like to taste it.We also like Rice(fried and stewed).I will be very delighted to share a recipe with you.

From the concern you are showing towards me,i guess you must be a very good man to be associated with.Time shall tell!!.

My dear brethren and partner,if the below request i am making from you will offend you,kindly forgive, pardon me and ignore it.

I am letting you know about it because,i think that we have a lot to share together in not a distant future.

You see,since wednesday 9/09/02,my kids were sent out off school for non payment of cumulative school fees and dues.Since this academic year,i have not been able to pay their school fees and levies.My wicked boss is not helping matters at all.

Could you believe that he has not paid me for the past two and half months(2.5 months).He has the money but due to the fact that i protested his wrong doings to me and moreover,since the death of my late husband,he has been disturbing me which i continously rebuked.I will tell you more.

Since he has not paid me,there is no other way i can raise money as i can not sell my conscience or body to get money,rather i surrendered everything to the able hands of God as He beckoned that we should surrender our heavy loads to him,that He will make it easy.The only source of assistance i have is my pastor and brethrens,plus my junior brother who contributes towards the family upkeep,especially feeding.

As christains,the bible is our weapon and the compass pilots use.The bible in its entirety condemns prostitution and stealling which aspects of life i can not,no matter the reason or circumstance or condition involve myself in them,rather the bible advices us to ask for assistance and that with God in us,all things are possible.Refer Mathew 7:7,Mark 9:23.

Therefore,in order to see these kids back to school this week and the most worring part of it to me is that their promotional exams is at hand.In this regard sir,i plead with you to extend a gesture/kindness to me by giving me the amount needed.this could be in form of loan and deductable from my commission afterwards.The amount i need is $1,500.With this amount,everything about their academics will be solved.

If my request is granted,I will like you to send the money to me by WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER with the below particulars.


Sir,bearer is my junior brother.Give me the transfer CODES/DETAILS by mail.May our Father in heaven reward and bless your endeavours abundantly in helping a widow and her kids.

Your picture shows the stuff in you.Honestly,you can win a handsome peagent/ contest,despite everything,you look very cute.I love it and my kids applauded you and ask me when they will see you as i told them that you are their uncle.They greet you.

Expecting to hear from you immediately.

Thanks and best rgds,

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