J Cosmo Newbery

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J Cosmo reciprocates with a photo (Slimey bastard, never actually says it is a photo of him. More worldly readers may note a striking resemblance to someone who is currently playing an adoring Sancho Panza to a loopy Don W. Quixote, intent on tilting at oilwells in the gulf region. This is purely coincidental.)

Dear Mrs Esther,

Thank you so much for the surprise photos! You look most elegant and the children look delightful. What are their names? And when are their birthdays? You must give me a postal address so I can send them something.

I have attached a photo; terribly formal I am afraid but all I could find quickly.

You have taken a great load off my mind with the information about payments for the vaccine. I had totally misunderstood the process. Thank you.

I promise that I will do as you ask and do everything in my power to assist this process reaching a positive conclusion for, as you say, our mutual benefit and enjoyment.

What gives you enjoyment, Mrs Esther? (Mmmm...do I really want to know?)

You must miss you husband terribly. And you children must too. How long ago did the terrible accident happen? I feel so terribly moved by your story; I wish there was some way I could console you. As you say, perhaps we shall meet in the not too distant future. Who knows what will happen then. (Me!)

I certainly miss Mrs Newbery. She was mauled to death by a herd of our prize winning Callistemons late last year. She had the misfortune to approach the cows when they were on heat and the dominant stags in the herd turned on her.

She leaves a great hole in my life that I have so far been unable to fill.

I am honoured to have you as my brethren! You obviously are a very decent and upright woman, Mrs Esther. No-one with the intimate knowledge of the Bible that you exhibit could be otherwise. Psalm 133 is a most inspiring Psalm (View) and I can understand your liking of it but when I think of your wicked, wicked boss I think immediately of Psalm 58 (View). Am I being too harsh in this? Too unforgiving? Please tell me.

I hope I am not imposing on you but do you think you could send me a recipe? I enjoy cooking and it would be a very special thing to 'share' a recipe with you. Not a flash recipe, not something done for a royal wedding or anything like that, something everyday. What would you cook after you go home from work on a normal day? Please tell me I would be very interested. (Oh well, it's worth a shot!)

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I trust you too had a pleasant weekend.

Yours sincerely,


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