J Cosmo Newbery

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Mrs Esther replies, complete with photos of the kids.

Dear Mr Cosmo,

Thank you for your 2 mails and informations therein.

In your second mail,you did inform me that buyer requires 600 cartons instead of the initial 400 cartons.What a good news and development.remember that i did tell you that this is a good transaction.

As i did let you aware,this vaccine is urgently in need by buyer because of its scarce nature and sensitivity.

Regarding the payment,be reminded that you do not need to use your money for the bulk purchase,rather Meripul farms will pay us upfront/advance of 50% amounting to $1,230,000($1.23m) immediately we convince them properly that we can supply this quantity to them.From the advance,producer will be settled. (You little ripper!)

As i did inform you,it were from the gains my wicked boss made from the supply that enabled him immensely to stratify in the society. (Of course!)

Therefore,all you have to do is to abide by my guided advices and i promise you that i will do everything within my reach and ability to ensure that it is conculded soon and positivly for our mutual benefit and enjoyment. (Um..just what enjoyment did you have in mind?)

Sincerely saying,i am delighted in no small measure to be a partner with you.I am being convinced that you are the right person and moreless my brethren(pardon me for using this word if you are not a christain).You see,the bible, we, devoted christains read and adhere to its doctrine well states in the book of Psalms 133 (Where's Friar Tuck when I need him?) that it is joyous for brethren to work together,as we are moving in the interim.

In order to move ahead,i will suggest that you try to be in constant communication with buyer so that they will surely assume that you are the actual producer/supplier.

Should you need my advice in any where,do not hesitate to send me a mail.

Perhaps, i think that you will like to know the person you are dealing with,if not in person now but atleast to see the person in picture.So find below my picture and those of my kids upon whose sake i am struggling to maintain,may be to give them a sound education.For your info,i lost my husband years back in a tragic circumstance.He died in a plane crash.

As God may wish it,hopely in not a distant future,we shall be privileged to meet and sit with each other.

Attached is my picture and my kids. (Kid 1 , Kid 2)

Always be in communication with me.Have a nice weekend sir!!!.

Thanks and Best Rgds,

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