The first four stories date from the late 90's and were all fax correspondences. After that there was a lull until March 2002 and then...well, I don't know what happened but there was a veritable explosion of email correspondences.
The stories with the *** are reproduced in the book, Dancing with Thieves.
Finished stories: Notices
1. Murray Grey, wetsuit salesman and Church Minister. *** Received an offer that sounds really good?
Too good, perhaps?
Tempted to reply?
Apply the
2. Mavis Bramston, charity worker.
3. Lady Juanita Kanobe-Vader, wife of Lord Vader.
4. Rhonda Vu, harlot and John Smith, bigot.
5. J Cosmo Newbery, plus a cameo from Minnie Bannister.
6. J. Cosmo Newbery, with Charles No 2.
7. The Perfect Porridge Company.
8. J. Cosmo Newbery, with Charles No 1.
9. Minnie Bannister, proprietor of "Trollops R Us".
10. Kris Kringle plans his retirement to the tropics. ***
11. Princess Tikka Masala, exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl. ***
12. Friar Tuck, from the peppery order of Nasturtium Monks.
13. Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi, German-Hungarian Gypsy. ***
14. Clarke Kent, schizophrenic.
15. Madame Yotta, clairvoyant.
16. J Cosmo Newbery, Beef Burgher.
17. Princess Tikka Masala finds a long lost relative.
18. Don Quixote, on a quest of some adventure, and a little money. ***
19. Clarke Kent - a man of (spring) steel.
20. Steve "Thommo" Thompson - a regular sort of bloke. ***
21. Sigmund Freud hangs out his shingle...and takes it down again.
22. Felicity Primm - Part 1.
23. Felicity Primm - Part 2.
23a. Felicity Primm - Epilogue.
24. Hu Flung Dung, Chinese Restaurateur.
25. John Silver, mariner, retired.
26. Isabella Baptista D'Oliviera, surprise packet.
27. Venus de Milo offers to lend a hand.
28. Rogan Josh, eunuch, has a ball.
29. Gluteus Maximus, Senator.
30. Gluteus Maximus, imperial Senator, has a second try...
31. Henry Witherspoon, a harmless sort of chap.
32. Nora Lendeby, spinster, meets up with as soon to be divorced Nigerian...
33. Gen. Sir Wilberforce Harrington-Smythe (and friends).
34. Friar Tuck, of St.Rumpet's Monastery and Orphanage.
35. Daniel O'Flannigan, Breeder of Pedegree Shamrocks.
36.John Silver, mariner, retired; second time around.
37.Felicity Primm & Prince Kenneth - The Last Tango.
38.Felicity Primm & Prince Kenneth - OK, THIS is the last one! I promise.
39. The Devil goes West.
40. The Red Baron flies again.
41. Sherlock Holmes is on the case.