For more information on the reality and frivolity of the Nigerian Scams visit

The Lighter Side.

A great clearing area for a lot of folk in the Scammer teasing game. The origin of the term "The Lads from Lagos". Take a coffee, there's a lot of reading.

Miss Young's site.
Another site of letters teasing the Nigerians.
Another site of letters teasing the Nigerians.

The Scam Baiter
Another site of letters teasing the Nigerians, seems to specialise in getting the Lads to hold up signs, often less than complementary!

John Fix's site
Another site of letters teasing the Nigerians.

The Adventures of Cpt Alexander Kerensky and others.
Various humerous assaults on the Nigerians.

Tommy Udo & Co

David Lee Roth
'Diamond' Dave takes on the Nigerians.

Igor K.
Another site tackling the Nigerians, this one with a Russian flavour.

Another site tackling the Nigerians.

On A More Serious Note.

The 419 Coalition
Lots of useful links and information. Links to offical sites and sites for reporting Nigerian scams.

A variety of anti-scam stuff.

The WONST - The Wipe Out Nigerian Scams Team.
A lot of useful information but visually quite distressing.

Scam Busters

Invest Drinks
Looks at scams relating to wine investments.

A wide assortment of debunking stuff - scams, myths etc.

Fighting Back at Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud Scammers

A compilation of Nigerian Letters and eMails