I have been teasing Nigerian conmen for some time now, writing as a variety of characters. A large part of the fun is creating false documents to embellish my stories. After all, that is what the Nigerians do. But I generally resist the urge to stamp 'GENUINE" or 'TRUE COPY' diagonally across mine.

The ones I have used, and some I have received, are catalogued below:

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Murray Grey
A failed fax
Newspaper article - Murray's sad death.
Death Notice
Mavis Bramston
Newspaper article - Mavis Bramston - Charity queen.
Courier Slip
Rhonda Vu & John Smith
Photo - Rhonda
Newspaper Article - Rhonda's tragic death.
J Cosmo Newbery
Letter of Introduction
Newspaper article - J. Cosmo 'Lucky' Newbery struck by meteorite.
The Perfect Porridge Company
J Cosmo Newbery with Charles No2
Bank Document
Newspaper Article - Messy death in Amsterdam.
Minnie Bannister, of Trollops-R-Us
Application letter
Newspaper article - lottery win
Nigerian Photo: Charles - Exhibit A
Nigerian Photo: Charles - Exhibit B
Minnie's driver's licence
Photo - Minnie (cheeky)
Photo - Minnie
Photo - Minnie
Photo - Minnie
Photo - Minnie
Photo - Minnie
Photo - Minnie - Nude
Newspaper article - Minnie's death by flying pig.
Kris Kringle
Bank Receipt
Nigerian Photo: Stella
Newspaper Article - National Nipple Arousal Day
Real newspaper article
Princess Tikka Masala
Newspaper article - Warrior Princess
Newspaper article - in mock Hindi
Newspaper article - Hostage drama at police station.
Newspaper article - Press conference.
Friar Tuck
Newspaper article - Hostage drama at police station.
Newspaper article - Press conference.
Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi
Newspaper article - Press conference.
Clarke Kent - No1.
Nigerian Document:Mis-spelt letterhead
Nigerian Document:Horribly made false cheque.
Madame Yotta, clairvoyant
Promissory Note
Newspaper article - Minnie's death by flying pig.
J Cosmo Newbery, Beef Burgher
Nigerian Photo: Mrs Esther
Nigerian Photo: Mrs Esther's child 1
Nigerian Photo: Mrs Esther's child 2
Photo - Someone who doesn't really look like J Cosmo Newbery.
Newspaper article - Minnie's death by flying pig.
Newspaper article - J Cosmo Newbery has a night on the town.
Newspaper article - J Cosmo Newbery on the horns of a dilemma.
Princess Tikka Masala - No 2.
Nigerian Document:Mr Harty's ID
Nigerian Document:Mr Harty's Passport
Nigerian Document:Certificate of deposit
Nigerian Document:Mr Andason's passport.
Miss Felicity Prim
Nigerian Photo:The immature Kenneth
Photo - Felicity Primm
Nigerian Photo: Nigerian banknote - front
Nigerian Photo: Nigerian banknote - back
Nigerian Photo:The younger, chubbier Kenneth
Another Photo - Felicity Primm
Freddie's Death Notice.
A plain brown envelope of money.
Sympathy site.
Christmas site.
Newspaper Article - Felicity dies, game to the end.
Don Quixote
Certificate of Deposit
Nigerian Photo:Photo - Money!
Nigerian Photo:Photo - more money!
Document - Mr Quixote's itinerary: Melbourne to Cotonou.
Newspaper Article - Moulin Rouge under attack.
Newspaper Article - God answers prayer.
Don Quixote's Death Certificate.
Clarke Kent - No 2.
Introduction Letter.
Subsequent Letter - Man of Steel letterhead.
Nigerian Document:Request for money.
Nigerian Document:Funds Transfer Instructions.
Sigmund Freud
Mental Assessment Card #1
Sigmund Freud's passport.
Mental Assessment Card #2
Nigerian Document:Barrister's affidavit.
Mental Assessment Card #3
Mental Assessment Card #4
Newspaper Article - Dr Freud goes to a head shrink.
Photo - The end.
Hu Flung Dung
Nigerian Document:Official Receipt.
Nigerian Document:Transfer Document
Newspaper Article - Mr Hu Arrested.
Newspaper Article - Mr Hu dead, in hindsight.
Isabella Baptista D'Oliveira
Photo - Isabella
Photo - Isabella (Full frontal)
Nigerian Photo:Umba - The Eighth Dwarf?
Photo - Landmine victim *** Warning - not pretty.***
General Sir Wiberforce Harrington-Smythe
Nigerian Photo:Mrs Chile & Son
Nigerian Photo:Mr Chile
Photo - Willy
Newspaper Article - Willy's death.
Newspaper Article - Vale Willy
Newspaper Article - J Cosmo Newbery arrested!
Venus de Milo
Venus' passport.
Nigerian Photo: Martins 1
Nigerian Photo: Martins 2
Nigerian Photo: Martins 3
Newspaper Article - Enchiladas run amok.
Venus' photo - cheeky.
Venus' photo - nude.
Venus' photo - nude and highlighted.
Rogan Josh
Rogan's passport.
Rogan's signature - upside down.
Nigerian Photo: Dr. Samuels' Passport.
Nigerian Photo:Dr. Samuels.
Nora Lendeby
Nora's passport.
Nigerian Document: Ministry of Finance.
Nigerian Document: Affidavit.
Nigerian Document: Death Certificate.
Newspaper Article - Nora robbed at airport.
Newspaper Article - Nora kidnapped at GNU point.
(Long) John Silver
Nigerian Document: Bank Account Form
Friar Tuck #2
Friar Tuck's passport.
Friar Tuck's letter of guarantee.
Nigerian Document: Certificate of Ownership.
Newspaper Article - Abbot Costello's death.
Nigerian Document:Friar Tuck's Certificate of Ownership.
Newspaper Article - Abbot Tuck's death.
Bishop Pawnchek's passport.
Bishop Pawnchek's letter of guarantee.
The Red Baron
Nigerian Document: The original fax.
Nigerian Document: Deborah - Photo 1
Nigerian Document: Deborah - Photo 2
Nigerian Document: Deborah - Photo 3
Reply - Page 1
Reply - Page 2
The Baron's Passport.
Newspaper Article - Plane Crash
The Baron at Sea
Family Photo