Many people have met up with the Nigerian letters (and nowadays emails) saying that they had large sums of money and that they needed a bank account off-shore to launder said large sum of money. The erstwhile assistants are offered a percentage that amounts to many millions of dollars. Many people have believed their story and lost lots of their own money. (Funny that.) Some even lost their lives trying to recover their money.

I took a different tack and tried to spin them along for as long as possible, often insulting them mercilessly along the way. Despite what they say, they wanted my money and they put up with a lot in the hope of getting it. So keen were they for my money that it never crossed their mind that I might be having them on. Bless them!

I hope that I am amusing many, annoying a few and, if I have saved just one person from falling for the scammers story, then my time has been well spent!

I have recently put GoogleAds on a number of the pages.
There is a perverse amusement in seeing it struggle, trying to decide what ads are relevent to the content of the pages!
As I understand it, if a group of people, roughly the size of the population of mainland China, visit the advertised sites
I will get enough money to buy a coffee (small, black, no sugar.) Fair compensation, some say.
Anyway, I hope they don't spoil your enjoyment of the site.

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