The Lily Saga

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Next on the list: Burnley Garden Advisory Service. Tobin Brothers are funeral directors.

Thank you for your interesting letter concerning your son's question about the lily.

No, we don't appear to have the answer either. Someone suggested it might be best to contact Warner Bros. but perhaps Tobin Bros. may be better. Or better still a Reverend Brother (Student of the Bible).

The plant is the Arum Lily or Lily-of-the-Nile, botanical name Zanteschia aethiopica, belonging to the plant family Araceae and sometimes refered to as "church lilies". I have enclosed an extract from the book "Aroids", which I am sure you will find interesting. In this, there is some reference to Easter which makes me wonder if there may be some association with Christ and his crucifixion. Good Luck!

Yours faithfully, R. J. Cantrill.

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