The Lily Saga

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After Bob Hope the letter remained largely unchanged.
The next recipient was Burke's Backyard, a TV show. They replied (in an envelope addressed to both me and Richard):

Thank you for your delightful letter, it cheered up the research department no end and gave us a good excuse to drop the cutting edge of research and spend 10 minutes perusing our library.

We hace photocopied some literature for you and the 3 Whys!! (The boys)

It actually is not such a fountain of information. Folklore was designed to be more obscure than anything else!

Perhaps a note to one of the Lily Societies on the back of the fact sheet may be able to help you.

Just to prove to the 3 Why's that parents can cough up with some goodies, enclosed are some Burke's Backyard stickers.

Thanks for the letter and thanks for watching the show.


Lindy Butler - Researcher.

The information they sent related to the Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) not the Arum lily. There were a multitude of superstions, myths and symbolism for the lily listed. The closest assoction with death is the symbolism of purity.

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