The Lily Saga

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Well, that is about where it stopped. But for one last phone call.

My wife, Margaret answered the telephone and informed me that there was someone on the line from Queensland.

The guy was a straggler from the Mensa letter and rambled on for some time about the Middle Ages and the lily.

He put his theory and eventually said "Well, I'd better go, this call will be costing you a fortune!"

"You said what?..."

Margaret had neglected to tell me that the guy had called reverse charges from Queensland. I wouldn't have minded so much if he was on track but... I am still not convinced that it is pre-Shakespeare.

Well, what is the outome?

The theories of Helene Hanff seem most probable but really the jury is still out.

Thank you to all those who contibuted to the lily saga in one way or another. Not all were transcribed into this internet collection. In roughly chronological order they were: Rosemary DeDear, The Most Reverend Dr Keith Rayner, Lindy Butler, Russ Allison, Norman Ewbank, R.J. Cantrill, John Clarke, Barry Jones, Phillip Adams, Helene Hanff, G.D. Carrick, Robin Craig, Lyn van Amstel, Neil Mitchell, Bob Hope, Lyn Dunlevy, Carl V. Belle, Richard J. O'Hara, Ivan A. Robinson, Frodo T.M. Table-Leg, Jerry Tasman and a mystery caller from Queensland.

But especially Richard O'Hara.