The Lily Saga

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This was the first letter I sent off. It was to The Most Reverend Dr Keith Rayner, Archbishop of Melbourne.

This letter is something of a long shot but I have a small matter that puzzles me and, being as my wife thinks ther may be a biblical origin to it all, I am taking a punt on you being able to help me.

The story goes as follows:

One of the lovely ladies at my work recently brought in a small bouquet of flowers to brighten up her work bench. Centre piece to this array was an Arum Lily. Her cultural background was Egyptian and she was somewhat taken aback when she found that many of the European background folk at work associated the Arum Lily with death and funerals.

"Why?" she asked.

"" we mumbled in reply.

So now I am turning to you in the hope that, if there is a biblical basis to it, you can through some light on the origin of this sombre reputation of the humble lily.

Yours sincerely...