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And a reply came from Mr O'Hara.

Mr Kennedy

I prefer that you accept the explanation of the lily as a symbol of purity, as offered by a female correspondent, (In the letters to the Age) if you are able to form a rock solid understanding of the concept of symbol. The lily is also of importance to older cultures, and systems of learning, as a symbol of hermaphroditism - considered God-like. And that is NOT the answer but it is a building block in the edifice.

Your letter struck me as a smug fishing expedition with a bait at the front, some badly paid out line and a hook at the end. The business about "children living in the occult plane" is simply copywriter's pap and I never donate to Ethiopia. Perhaps it is the PC that makes you smug. (Mr O'Hara handwrites his correspondence.)

I made the reference about understanding symbols because you obviously have an apprehension problem - I do not want to educate you. That's what "I am not at all inclined to educate him for that sort of money" means. (That was word perfect. He obviously has a good memory or keeps a photocopy of his letters.) To put it in terms your child could understand - NO means NO.

I know you are mine in shock, that's what stillicide is all about.

Sincerely, Richard O'Hara. (Sincerely, indeed.)

I answered it but, wishing to end the correspondence, gave the return address as "Poste Restante, GPO, Addis Ababa".

Dear Mr O'Hara,

Your letter was something of a disappointment.

One has to ask why you bother writing letters if all you have to offer is allusion, insult, nebulous mumbo-jumbo, intellectual smugness*, false sincerity and the apparently deliberate misinterpretation of some of the more obscure words of the Queens English...

But it is a rhetorical question.

Best you save your paper for others more deserving.

*You are taking a liberty in calling me 'smug' in view of the 'I'm not going to tell you anything' tone of your letters!

Anyway, the PC does not make me smug. It makes me neat.

That's neat-tidy, not neat-cool.

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