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One day a lovely lady called Aphroditi (How could someone called Aphroditi be anything but lovely?) brought a bunch of flowers into work. Centre piece to the flowers was a large Arum lily. We joked about whether someone had died and got nothing but blank looks. Aphroditi's background was Egyptian and she knew nothing of the Lily-Death association. I set out to find out a bit more about it.
The First Letter: The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne.
The Archbishop's reply.
The Second Letter: Bop Hope.
Burke's Backyard, TV Infotainment Show.
Le Pine Funeral Services.
Burnley Garden Advisory Services.
John Clarke, comedian & writer.
Barry Jones, MHR & Quiz Show champion.
Phillip Adams, broadcaster.
Helene Hanff, author.
Garden World
Australian Mensa
Letters to the Editor, the Age.
Bob Hope, second try.
The Age Article.
Richard J O'Hara, both barrels blazing.
A rebuttal to Mr O'Hara.
A second round with Mr O'Hara.
A final word.