The Australian Women's Weekly.

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An email from 'tropikiwi' from New Zealand was the prompt for this letter:

Dear Sir,

Recently a New Zealand correspondent to my site asked me why they have a New Zealand Woman's Weekly that duly comes out weekly, while in Australia we have an Australian Woman's Weekly that somewhat perversely comes out monthly.

For some reason she, poor dear, felt that I would know the answer to this question.

But what was I to do? Do nothing and leave my credibility, never a particularly robust child, a tattered wreck? Or mount Midnight, my coal-black stallion, and head off in search of the answer?

Here I am.

My correspondent, in the current relaxed regulatory spirit of self assessment, describes herself as 'sweet, young and innocent'. I have no corroborating evidence on this but she raised some doubts when she opined that the AWW is so called to avoid the PMS and menstrual connotations that may flow from 'The Australian Woman's Monthly'.

I disagree with this theory. If it were so 'periodicals' would have long ago disappeared from the newsagents shelves.

There is some doubt in my mind that a magazine's title needs to convey anything but buyer recognition. The New Idea, for example, has long since stopped having them. No self respecting playboy would have Playboy on their bedside table. Dolly would appear to be aimed at a different sort of sheep. Popular Mechanics would appear to be an oxymoron. Your Garden would be much more aptly described as Your Jungle and Who magazine would appear to much more concerned with where, when and possibly how.

But I am now lost, bewildered and confused. What do I tell sweet, young and innocent?

Why IS your magazine called "The Australian Woman's Weekly?".

Yours, trying to salvage some credibility,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

Posted Jan 9th, 2003.