21st Mar 2004 The advertisement for Veromax said 76% of men using it were satisfied. And the other 24%? View large

Dear Sir,

I was recently browsing a magazine and came across your advertisement. No, I mean I found your advertisement. (God, English is full of pitfalls for the innocent!) Sort of by accident but it grabbed my attention. I am talking about the one that says:

ohhh yes!

It shows a couple in a fairly intimate embrace and goes on to say that '76% of men taking Veromox noticed an improvement in their overall sex life'.

It sort of begs the question as to what was the 24% of the guy that was not satisfied? Their left leg? You have to admit that 24% is a sizable chunk of a bloke! Does this 24% reckon things take a turn for the worse? Perhaps it's his head, that seldom plays a part in proceedings.

I would have thought that it came down to less than 1% of a man that controls the situation, certainly it has the casting vote in all the crucial decisions. The other 99% goes along for the ride.

But, Veromax not withstanding, I think I can offer a little advice for the gentleman in your advertisement that will increase his level of satisfaction quite considerably:

Get the lady to take off her knickers.

Yours, off to the showers,

J Cosmo Newbery.