- The advertisement for Tip Top Bread told me that “All Great Australian Things Come in Threes”.
Well, I had a few questions.
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Dear Sir,

I was recently most taken by your current advertisement; the one that says "All great Australian things come in threes" and thereby implies that, as there are three varieties of Sunblest bread, then they too must be great.

I wish to make no comment of the greatness of your bread. Its quality is self evident.

I am more concerned about the concept of threesomes equating to greatness.

Admittedly my success with horses means that more times than not I get three out of the four legs in a quadrella. I have found that true greatness comes with the fourth leg.

True, I have three sons, and they are certifiably great. But only one wife. What should I do about this? Suggestions of three wives have not been well received. Even down grading to a ménage a trois got a surprisingly poor reception.

Beer, naturally, is great and comes in...a six-pack.

Cars are great! They have three...what? Not much really, though mine does run like a three legged camel on occasions.

Football has four quarters, cricket two innings, the year twelvemonths and four seasons, the Queen seven corgies and anyone who can only eat three peanuts is not normal.

And finally we come to that great tradition of Australian bakeries: the bakers dozen.

Is that only three loaves now?

Yours puzzled,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

REPLY: The reply was only judged as a three. Out of a possible ten.

Dear Mr Newbery

We have received your letter about the Sunblest tv Commercials and glad it has captured your interest.

I am not quite clear on the purpose of your letter, however the Sunblest television commercial is make humourous play on the "three varieties" of Sunblest.

So therefore we looked at other great Australian things which come in "threes", in a light-hearted fashion.

Thank you for your interest.