5th October, 2005 The Telstra advertisement showed a picture of the Great Wall of China and said 'If you thought it was built to keep out rabbits, get your kids broadband'. But there are other rabbitty pastimes that are on the internet... View large

Dear Sir,

I first saw your most recent advertisement on television and now, the other day, on the back of some weekend newspaper insert.

I refer to the one that has the picture of the Great Wall of China and the caption that says:

If you thought it was built to keep out rabbits, get your kids broadband.

As an ad, it works. Under the circumstances I guess it should get a bunny stamp.

But...(don't you love that word?)...but I have some reservations. Having given les enfants Newbery broadband I am now happy that they know that, in line with the propaganda of our great leader Ming Two, the Great Wall was built to keep out refugees from Mesopotamia and such places but am concerned that they now have found the sites that show them more bunny tales than I intended.

How to breed like rabbits, for example.

The hares apparent have found bunnygirls.com and are lapin it up. I tried explaining that Fucking was the provincial capital in Shaglong province but I fear they didn't believe me.

If I am going to give them broadband, I need to be broad minded too, it seems.

Were they better off thinking that the rabbit proof fence was only man made structure visible from space? That myxomatosis was a hare removal treatment? That lettuce as what a rabbit ate rather than the question they asked?

Yours broadly,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

REPLY:The original letter bounced. Do phone companies not accept real mail any more? Had to email it and got the following reply:

Response - 17/10/2005 02:24 PM

Dear J Cosmo Newbery,

Thank you for your email dated 17/10/2005 regarding feedback.

Thank you for your feedback.

BigPond(TM) values your feedback and welcomes your suggestions to help us continually improve our service.