8th Mar 2004 The advertisement said that the product was 100% taste. I wanted more. View large

Dear Sir,

Your advertisement for Tuna Lite says

'100% Taste" and then goes on to say "2% Fat'.

Curious maths, that.

And where in this mathematical muddle do I actually get some tuna for my money? If the product is 100% taste where is the solid stuff to sink my teeth into? Am I being sold some mystical smoke and mirrors tuna?

Thunnus houdini.

The whole thing is especially puzzling when you recognise that experience tells you that the 100% of the taste resides in the 2% fat.

What am I to make of that?

I tell you what, if your Tuna Lite is 100% taste and 0% substance I will buy it by letting you listen to my money rattle in my pocket. That's Payment Lite.

Is it a deal?

Yours, full flavoured,

J. Cosmo Newbery.