5th October, 2005 The Dairy Farmers advertisement showed a man and a cow - the production line - it seemed a bit light on, staff-wise. But they had removed something from the milk... View large

Dear Sir,

I am a little concerned about your ad in one of the weekend papers. Well, a lot concerned really. The advertisement in question shows a man and a cow, in a friendly sort of embrace, and has the caption:

Our Production Line.
It's what we don't put in our milk that makes it taste so good.

My initial concern related to the brevity of the production line, the work conditions of the solitary cow, and the dubious presence of the man in that production line. He looks a bit of a slacker and it is hard to imagine him pulling his weight. It all falls back to Mr Howard's industrial relations reform and the chronic overworking of the poor, single cow in your production line. I was shocked. I was dismayed. I was all ready to be up in arms. “What do we want? ”, “A bigger production line! ”, “When do we want it? ”, “Now! ”. Come brothers, sorry, sisters, to the streets!

But closer examination of the advertisement shifted my concern to the second line. The one that says “It's what we don't put in our milk that makes it taste so good. ”

Well, I have to ask. What exactly don't you put in your milk?

And why would it taste so much better if you did?

Yours curiously,

J. Cosmo Newbery.