- The advertisement for Herbert Adam's Pot Pie claimed it was a complete meal. I felt there was something missing. View large

Dear Sir,

I was completely staggered when I recently saw your advertisement for your Pot Pie.

“The complete meal” the ad said. Around the pie (which was incomplete by the way, as it was missing part of its crust) was an assortment of cutlery and three wine glasses.

Surely you jest?

Now I am not happy with the inference that I would not need the wine glasses for a start. But I could cope. True, I would sulk, but I could cope. Could I at least have a water?

Five knives and forks does seem a tad excessive but I could no doubt do without the other four sets. I don't think I have ever had a six course meal unless you start counting individual dim sims.

I am less happy with the notion that I would not need the dessert tackle. Sure, a pie is a pie, a thing of beauty even, but a pudding is a ticket to heaven and not something to be given up on lightly.

But what really got to me was the lack of tomato sauce.

Are you telling me that not only does this pie replace my dessert but it is also self-saucing?

Yours aghast,

J Cosmo Newbery.

“Thank you for your letter regarding an advertisement for Herbert Adams Pot Pies. I will forward your comments to our marketing team for their information.” (Zzzzz...)