27th May, 2004 The advertisement said that you should have six air-bags because you only live once. So why the skydiver? View large

Dear Sir,

Saturday's Good Weekend magazine had an advertisement for your 307 model. The picture showed a car perched on some hilltop somewhere and some character with a parachute standing beside the car but looking away from it at the view. The caption to the ad read:

Six airbags standard. Because you only live once.

Well, I looked at this ad for a while, so you will be pleased that your advertising dollar was to some extend well spent. In these ad-cluttered days, that I did look at the ad is a sign of some success. Sadly I must confess that I was at a loss to understand it.

A few questions linger in the dusty corners of my largely derelict mind. They share the space with a small table, a single light globe, a broken window pane and a family of undernourished spiders.

If we are to believe that the person is the driver, what is he doing standing beside the car with an open parachute? And why is he admiring the view rather than testing the duco with copious lashing of drool? Did the car also parachute in? Or did it use its six airbags like the Martian lander and crash-tumble into place?

But there is one question that keeps plaguing me and is directly responsible for you having to endure this letter: would a person with such a major flaw in his character that it predisposes him to throw himself out of planes with little more than a couple of metres of Lincraft's finest between him and a life as pate de fois gras seriously worry about airbags?

Yours confused,

J Cosmo Newbery.