- The advertisement for puff pastry seems to be venturing into the flaky area of creative mathematics. View large

Dear Sir,

I am confused. Admittedly this is a normal state for me and a weakness that is ruthlessly exploited by the children and the cat. Especially the cat.

I found myself browsing through a copy of that well known monthly magazine, the Australian Woman's Weekly. This is confusing enough but in it I found your advertisement - a pastry-clad set of bathroom scales with the caption:

“The only puff pastry with 25% less fat”

Well, I was mulling over what it was 25% percent less than (I assumed, than your regular puff pastry) when I found that in the text of the advertisement it said"

“...the only pastry that's 25% fat free... ”

Now, I am no black-belt on the abacus but, in the current warped mathematics of marketing gurus, if it is 25% fat free it would seem to follow that it is 75% fat. And it is 25% less fat than regular puff pastry? Then, at 75% fat, it implies that your regular puff pastry is 100% fat.

This seems a tad excessive, don't you think?

I think you have a strong case to ask for 25% off your advertising bill.

Yours confused,

J Cosmo Newbery.