7th August, 2005 The label the product was the 'Original' but that it was an improved recipe. I was confused. View large

Dear Sir,

Have you ever found yourself sort of mentally stuck, unable to think? You know, they sometimes call it 'being in two minds', where you are not sure what to do, your brain says "Don't ask me. Or, for that matter, don't ask us." and more often than not things get mentally rolled up and three-pointed into the bin.

I think I have that problem. But, of course, it may just be senile decay.

Let me explain: I have beside me the lid off one of your products, It says

Nestlé Peters Original Vanilla.
New improved recipe.
Made with Fresh Cream

Now, I will ignore the cream bit as I never expected that you would use anything but fresh cream. Even compost is made with fresh vegetables.

No, my problem comes from the other two lines.

How can it be, my addled mind debated with itself, that the stuff is both the original and a new improved recipe? Does not one preclude the other? I mean, the original suggests that it was the best, the one adults look back to wistfully when they sit dreamily around a log fire, reliving (or possibly creating) merlot soaked images of the good old days of Dixies at the movies. But the new improved recipe suggests that it is somehow a better product than before, an improvement on the original.

Are you playing with my minds?

Yours past my best-before,

J Cosmo Newbery.