8th Mar 2004 The advertisement asked what I had been doing for the last 30 years. I was happy enough to tell them but am puzzled by why they wanted to know. View large

Dear Sir,

Your advertisement said:

'What have you been doing for the past 30 years?'

Well, that started me thinking and, while not exhaustive, the following covers the main points:

Completed a four year course in Applied Chemistry, wore make-up for the first time, first sex (with someone else), bought a motor bike, worked in a steel mill, sold the motor bike, travelled to Hong Kong, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Italy and India, lost my camera at gun point in Khartoum, had a plane lose an engine over the Indian Ocean, quit my job and went travelling, did the overland thing from Nepal to London via Eqypt, lost my camera at gun point in the Khyber Pass, worked in Libya for eighteen months, lost my camera at gun point in the Sahara, learnt to make home brew, married a Scottish lass I met in India, three boys, taught myself lead-lighting, made a pavlova, worked at the morgue, bought a partnership in a laboratory, travelled to Indonesia to visit a foster child, had two emergency landings in the space of two flights, severed tendon in foot while making marmalade, sold a partnership in a laboratory, published three websites and one book, wrote a few letters, am older, greyer, wrinklier and hopefully wiser than I was at nineteen.

Now, why did you want to know?