A Foolproof lemoncake?

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It was a give-away recipe by Stephanie Wood in an insert in the Age newspaper. It sounded easy enough...

Dear Stephanie,

In your first edition of the home delivery flyer you included a recipe for a "Foolproof" lemon cake.

Ho-flippin'-ho. Well, yes, I have made it and, yes, it is delicious.

But 'foolproof'?

Since that first publication I (well, we, my wife is a co-defendant in this saga.) have made the cake some six or seven times. In the course of which I (we) have left the butter out once, the sugar out once and there was a third instance where the resultant briquette is still undergoing intensive forensic examination by puzzled looking bald men in crisp white coats.

The butter incident was somewhat rescued when the omission was realised after the cake had been in the oven but a short while and it was semi-rectified by a frantic revisit to the mixing bowl. What's a few lumps between friends?

Please do not give up putting recipes into the flyers , they add to the pleasure of life, but please be very circumspect about passing summary judgement on the abilities of the recipients.

Think of the personal trauma undergone by someone who fails to make a 'foolproof' cake.

Me, for instance.

A far better title would be the "It goes against all your cooking instincts and is made totally differently to any other cake you have ever made except perhaps pancakes but I know you can do it anyway or at least most of the time " Lemon Cake.

Yours in disgrace, Lee Kennedy.

Foolnote: On a happier tone, if you take a bottle of Budderim ginger syrup, strain out the lumpy bits and put them in the cake mix and pour the heated up syrup on the finished cake you do get a quite pleasant variant. If you remembered to add the butter and sugar, of course.

Stephanie advised me to persist with it. It is worth the persistence. The recipe is:

zest of one lemon
175g sugar
2 eggs
pinch salt
150ml milk
100g butter, melted
175g flour
1 tsp baking powder

6 tblsp sugar
juice & jest two lemons

Preheat oven to 160
Grease & line round or square tin

Combine zest, eggs, sugar, salt, milk and butter
Sift flour and baking powder
Add to other ingredients
Pour into tin, bake until done, about an hour.

Boil sugar and juice for a few minutes.
Pour over hot cake and leave 15min.

Tip out of tin onto wire rack to cool.

Eat as is or serve with cream/Greek yoghurt/icecream for dessert.