Did you hear scurrying?

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A pest controller told me the way to find out what was the source of the scurrying in my roof. I felt it was a bad image for some products.

Dear Sir,

I have a delicate sort of question to ask.

A little background may help set the scene: I have 'something' in my roof. Not, as an unkind friend suggested, bats in the belfry but certainly some disturbing scurrying noises from the ceiling.

Wondering what to do I contacted a pest controller.

What they said may be of great interest to you and your forward advertising program. "Put a whole apple and a piece of Kit-Kat in the roof", they said. "If the apple disappears it's a possum, if the Kit-Kat goes, it's a rat."

Have you ever considered your product as rat fodder?

Do you think it may be better to mail the purveyors of fine pestilence protection and suggest that most rats responding to a survey stated that they prefer Mars bars?

For your image.

Yours with concern, J. Cosmo Newbery II.

Postscript: Just by the way, neither the apple nor the Kit-Kat were taken by 'whatever is in the roof'.

I guess a tethered goat is the next option.

They replied saying that if two leggged creatures enjoy KitKat, why not the four legged as well?