11th July, 2004 The advertisement showed a young girl with a picture of a Kia Rio on her t-shirt. The caption said 'One size fits all'.
Perhaps I misunderstood...they were talking about the car, weren't they?
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Dear Sir,

I came across one of your advertisements the other day.

The one with the young model, displaying roughly from sigh to thigh, thumbs hooked in her briefs, fingers directed invitingly and wearing a pinky sort of singlet bearing a picture of your car, the Rio. The caption to the ad read:

One size fits all.

One size fits all? Really? Looking at her it is hard to believe but I guess these things are deceptive. She does look fairly accommodating and I am sure that she would take the average driver plus and few of his friends. But all sizes? I mean, you don't want to feel that you slide around inside too much if you are only small and without putting too much of a point on it, some folk are rather on the large side; are you saying that she has capacity to take them comfortably too?

I am told that some folk are rather rough and aggressive. Would there be a problem with wear and tear? It is fine to suggest that she can take all comers but what condition will she be in afterwards? I bit messy if it is the full-forward line from the East Burwood Seconds. Even if they do take off their boots. Would her upholstery take such a pounding?

And what about blind people? Can she accommodate a blind man? And what about his dog? Would he be allowed in the front or would he have to ride in the rear?

Anyway I am sure that she is a great little ride, as far as cars go, but I have difficulty believing that she will fit all sizes.

Yours on average,

J. Cosmo Newbery.