12th October, 2005 The label said 'gluten free'. I had no doubts about that but what was the source of the stated carbohydrate in the product? View large

Dear Sir,

I eat your yoghurt - plain and naturally set. Like me.

It was only tonight, with precious little to watch on the television, that I read your label. Never a wise thing to do, I agree, and symptomatic of the paucity of good quality junk mail in this, the off season.

Initially I was most amused with the 'Gluten Free' claim. I don't doubt it. It is also meat free, peanut free, caffeine free, non-alcoholic, contains no dolphin (drift net or otherwise), and no animals were used in its testing. Except me.

There is a school of thought that none of these things would be found in plain cultured milk product anyway.

Still amused over that I passed a cursory and gluten-free glance over your nutrition panel. Usually fairly dry reading and I will bet a tub of your wonderful custard yoghurt that I am probably the first consumer to do so. But I have a question.

The ingredients for your product are whole milk and milk solids (containing fat, protein and carbohydrate-lactose) and assorted buggy things (protein).

So what is the source of the non-sugar carbohydrate?

The lactose will make up all of the sugars but the total carbohydrate is 1.3% higher than the total of the sugars.

Tricky, eh?

Yours curiously free,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

REPLY: None so far.