17th Mar 2004 The advertisement for a shampoo said 'Totally chemical free' - okay, then what is it made of? View large

Dear Sir,

Do you every have one of those thing that plagues you? That keeps you awake at night? That dogs your every waking thought until you just HAVE to do something about it?

Nah, me neither.

However, I have decided to bite the bullet and write to you about your Pure Earth products. Well, more correctly, about the advertisement for your Pure Earth product that is in a copy of Wellbeing. It stands out every time I flip through the magazine.

Actually, just two bits stood out.

The first is the claim that the product is 'totally chemical free'. Impressive by any measure but begs the question - if it is not made of chemicals, what is it made of?

The second thing that caused a little gurgle in the Newbery gullet was the claim that 'Over the last 50 years the use of chemicals has increased dramatically and so too have conditions and diseases such as cancer.'


Over the last 50 years typewriters have nearly disappeared, the consumption of garlic in Australia has gone through the roof, Sparkling Rhinegold has come and gone, Kahmahl has gone from strength to strength, TV has gone from black and white to colour to insipid, and I have gotten progressively older.

Do you think that these were caused by the increased levels of cancer?

Yours, chock-a-block full of chemicals*,

J Cosmo Newbery
*Especially alcohol and caffeine.